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Worship Obey my tits Surrender to their power Love my tits Do anything for Goddess Joules Sink deeper and deeper Be blissfully mindfucked by my perfect tits Become addicted beyond recognition Good puppet keywords; femdom, mindfuck, mesmerize, tit worship, titnosis, goddess worship, love addiction, bare breasts, oily tits, oiled boobs AVN Stars  

Feminized at The Salon Hypnosis Audio

One day as you're walking down the street, you pass a salon and feel a magnetic pull. You enter the salon and are immediately greeted. You're told they have been expecting you and they sit you down in a salon chair. They perform many services on you, washing and styling your hair, a facial, waxing,... Continue Reading →

Sniff and Pump : INTENSE

This sniffing clip is NOT for the those who are new to sniffing inhalants. I'm going to get you FUCKED UP! We're going to go hard and fast so you better be ready to pump your junk and sniff sniff sniff! Jerk it for Me and when I finally let you cum you're going to... Continue Reading →


Uncut cock is superior cock. All circumcised cocks should worship at the altar of their uncircumcised masters. Mutilated, circumcised cocks are inherently inferior. This blissful brainwashing clip is designed to turn men with disgusting circumcised cocks into mindless uncut cock worshipping drones. keywords; hypnosis, brainwash, mindfuck, mesmerize, uncut, uncircumcised, humiliation, hypnodomme, femdom hypnosis, mesmerization, subliminal... Continue Reading →

Tell Your Wife I’m Moving In

Here I am, suitcase in hand, and I'm moving in. Grab your wife, it's time I explained her new role to her. She wasn't really cutting it in a typical wifely role. She's ugly, she's gross, she's ungrateful, and quite frankly she's annoying. We both know she isn't satisfying you sexually or otherwise so we're... Continue Reading →

Jerk Off Junkie

If you're looking for a sweet Domme to coddle you, look elsewhere. If you've been searching for a cold-hearted bitch who will prey on your weaknesses, who will manipulate you and use your poor impulse control to my advantage, you just found her. I'm here to make your masturbation addiction worse. I'm going to take... Continue Reading →

Uploading Clips to the AVN Stars Clip Store in 3 Easy Steps

  A LOT of changes have been made to AVN Stars since I first posted this article about making the move to AVN Stars and this article on how to make money on AVN Stars. If you haven't made the move yet, please consider signing up with my referral link. But if you have already... Continue Reading →

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