The proper protocols when approaching Goddess Joules

My name is Goddess Joules, you will call Me “Goddess” or “Goddess Joules” unless I’ve given you specific directions to the contrary. If you contact Me calling Me “Mistress” or any other title, I will not bother responding


Be Polite. Be Respectful. Use full sentences and proper grammar when contacting Me. We aren’t old friends, you only get one chance at a first impression. Make it a good one!

Be clear and concise in your communications. Make sure you give Me ALL of the necessary information. Don’t give Me long drawn out sexual fantasies that aren’t relevant or other unimportant information. I don’t have all day to read your fap material or chasing you down to ask follow-up questions


Be respectful of My time.

Always be honest with Me. Dishonesty hurts both of us. Trust is a two-way street and we need to trust each other if this is going to work and to trust each other, we must be honest


Do what I say when I say. I expect you to OBEY My commands in a timely fashion. Do not make Me repeat My commands or the punishments will be SEVERE

Be generous. There is no bigger turn-off than a stingy sub

Thoroughly acquaint yourself with Dos and Don’ts before contacting Me

Any questions that can easily be answered on My website will be ignored


Read up on the sub Initiation Ritual

All subs who are looking for real time sessions MUST first submit to the initiation protocol as step 1 in My screening process


If you are certain you are ready to make first contact, proceed to this page

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