$ACRIFIC€: Supreme Findom Hypnosis

WARNING: This clip includes My strongest financial domination mesmerization to date. Do not buy this clip unless you’re ready to take a deep dive into the extreme side of financial slavery.

Are you ready to make a supreme sacrifice for your Hypnodomme Goddess? Let My words wash over you as you stare into My divine beauty. Sink deep for My voice, let My words wash over you, absorb the subliminal programming of My words and images. Go deep for Me. you belong to Me.

Brainwashing / Financial Slavery / Financial Ruin / Goddess Worship / Findom / Financial Domination / Subliminal Messages / ASMR / Mesmerize / Mindfuck / Brainwash / Track Layering / Binaural / Whispers / Hypnodomme


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