11/20 Update

I just wanted to share with all of you a bit about what’s going on with me right now, all the projects I’ve started and have planned coming up, and a bit about the evolution of this website because I’m very proud of it.

Also, tomorrow is My birthday! Spoil Me!

The winter months have historically been a time of year when My clip sales slow and My phone calls generally become fewer and further between. This is a fairly common phenomenon in the adult industry. Dommes, webcam performers, exotic dancers, and escorts alike see a dip in appointments/sales/tips. It is understandable, clients have extra obligations over the holidays leaving them with less time, and less fun money.

In the past My strategy has usually been to work extra hard in the month or so leading up to Halloween, to build up a little cash cushion for the winter to soften the blow, and then returned to whatever I was doing before October and stayed the course through winter, waiting for My income stream to return to normality. But this year, I decided to try a little something new.

There have been so many big professional projects I’ve wanted to accomplish for so long but never felt like I had the time to accomplish them. I spend most of My work time focused on filming, editing, uploading, writing descriptions, returning e-mails, and taking calls. Generally, this is a decent strategy for Me since these are what make Me the most money…at least in the short term. It also means putting off certain projects that could lead to more sales in the LONG term, but will take time away from what will earn Me money tomorrow.

So this slow season, I decided to reduce the time I spend on film projects and put that time towards My big picture ideas. The first project was the launch of this site and now I’m working towards finding the audience for this site and branching out onto a few diffent platforms I haven’t used in the past. Just 2 days ago I launched a brand-new Instagram account and am working on finding an audience for that as well and trying to come up with an Instagram strategy since I feel like there are so many features there that I do not yet know how to utilize.

I also have this big picture idea that I want to be a Blogger, not just someone who blogs but maybe I could be one of those people who makes money blogging. Not in place of Domming, but in addition to it. Most of the people close to Me know what I do for a living but I still lie to people about My profession sometimes like to My brother-in-law’s parents for example and My own grandmother (a lot of greatest generation-types) and it would be nice to have a vanilla job that I could tell them about that wouldn’t be a lie. I feel like I have gained a lot of the skills needed to be a successful Blogger from sex work, though I have no idea what the fuck vanilla shit I would want to blog about. But I want to get in the blogging habit and start improving My writing skills here for the eventual launch of whatever that future will bring. I might plan on launching whatever venture that will be for next winter. This winter is about expanding My Domme “brand” and honing the skills necessary for that enterprise.

Another way in which I want to expand is on Reddit. I don’t know how, Reddit confuses Me (and I think it’s layout is ugly), but I hear all the cool kids are on Reddit. If you have tips for making money on Reddit, or just good places for Femdom discussion on Reddit, please leave a comment because I’m lost. I read stuff on Reddit occationally but I’m not sure I’ve ever actually posted a single thing on Reddit before lol.

I’m VERY excited to announce I’m in the process of having a new logo designed by Pupp3tStudios! I can’t wait to roll it out and put it all over My website, photos, and videos to brainwash My good puppets. I might make a couple of you get it tattood ψ

Also, if you’re a fellow Femdom blogger and would like to do some kind of cross-promotional type thing, I’m VERY open to it. I have all these blog entry ideas on different fetishes and could write an article about your specialty as a means to name drop or something. Just spit-balling ideas. Email or DM me if you’re interested.

Subs reading this article, drop a comment about your favorite place to research Dommes you might want to serve or where you found your favorite Domme!

I want this site to be a place of interaction and community. A place to share ideas and skills. This article was a little jumbled and all over the place, but oh well! Don’t forget to follow Me and bookmark My site!






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