How to Upload Clips on ManyVids

From Uploading Basics to Creating Custom Previews:


Getting Started

Need help uploading clips to Manyvids? Whether you’re new to creating clips or just aren’t used to ManyVid’s uploader, getting started uploading your clips to ManVids can be daunting, but it’s actually REALLY simple. This guide will give you directions on both the simplest upload method, as well as things you can do that make it a little more personalized and eye catching (like uploading your own preview). Let’s break down the simplest method first step-by step first, and I’ll try my best not to bore you to tears (no promises) and I’ve done my best to use informative headers, so scroll down if you’re looking for the meatier info. All this should take place after you’ve already signed up for ManyVids. If you haven’t done that yet, here’s a shameless plug to use my MV Revshare link to sign up.


The Basics

To start, click your icon in the top right corner and using the dmvtut4ropdown menu go to My Content > Upload Vids. From there, you can either find the video file on your computer and drag and drop it into the box seen above, or you can click where it says “Select Vids to Upload” and navigate to the file on your computer. After you’ve selected the video(s), a blue button should appear on the screen that says “Start Upload.” Push it (p-push it real good) and your video should start to upload. Once it’s finished uploading (and it might be a while depending on internet speed, file size, and the will of the internet gods) your video should appear in a little blue rectangle with a link that says “Last Step” which is a little misleading because there are actually multiple steps to go,  but they’re all on the same screen, so I guess that counts… Go ahead and click that link and the real fun begins!

Simple Preview

Creating a custom preview on Manyvids
ManyVids integrated preview generator

Next up, it’s time to select a preview. For the simple version, select generate and I recommend choosing a spot in your clip that’s sexy enough to grab a customer’s attention and make them want more, but not quite so sexy that you’re giving freeloaders enough to get their rocks off without purchasing. It’s a delicate balance to find, when in doubt, go with your gut. You might want to open your video on your computer and watch through it to find a good spot. Then input the minute and seconds of your selections and click “create preview.” You may once again find yourself at the will of the internet gods for this part, so go ahead and start typing out your description while you wait for the preview to be created and scroll down to that section of this article because I’m writing this from top to bottom on the “Last Step” screen rather than in the order I actually recommend doing things.


My Personal Preview Technique

I’m a bit of a control-freak, so I generally prefer to upload my own previews instead of using the MV preview generator. What I do is, I cut series of 3 seconds clips from different parts of the video, usually between 4 and 6 clips total (depending on length of video), so 12-18 seconds of video, and put transitions in between the clips for that professional quality, then export the whole thing as an mp4 (you’re free to use another video format, but mp4 is industry standard for file size and compatibility reasons) and upload it instead of generating one on Manyvids.

Preview made using Filmora
I use Wondershare Filmora to create my clip previews

Select a Screenshot

Manyvids screenshots are easier than ever to create

ManyVids just updated their built-in screenshot generator and I am in LOVE! Seriously, it takes all the effort out of creating the perfect screenshot. I used to upload my own but now it takes like 10 seconds to create my perfect screenshot using their generator, and remember there’s no need to upload a gif on MV like you might on other sites because ManyVids makes a gif out of your video preview (whether you use their generator or upload your own).

To select your screenshot, click “Generate,” press the play button, pause it when you find a spot you think will make a good preview image, and hit “Generate” again. The screenshot should appear in both the top and bottom box at this point which means you can safely press “Save.”

Writing Your Description

There are lots of different methods to use for writing descriptions. What I do know could be its own article and I am by no means an expert on description writing, but in a nutshell you want to describe the plot of your clip and intersperse some common search terms to make your clip easier for customers to find (not just on-site, but also on search engines).


Selecting Categories

As best you can, you want to try to Selecting categories on manyvidswork in AT LEAST 5 categories when you record your clips if for no other reason than laying those search terms into your descriptions. Even if it just means wearing cute knee-high socks that don’t have anything to do with the plot of the clip so you can click on select “sock fetish.” Generally, I select categories starting with the most relevant first, then working my way towards the ones that are a bit more of a stretch. Obviously you don’t want to select categories that have NOTHING to do with your clip, but I recommend trying as hard as you can to use all 5 of the category selections they give you. If they let me select more, I’d use all of those too. If you’re having trouble figuring out what to use, click the “View categories” link and browse all the options until you see one that applies to your clip. That link is also a great place to get inspiration for future clip ideas.



For pricing, you must first decide if you want to charge Pricing your MV clipsfor your clip or price it for free and if you’re going to make it free, do you want it to stream on MV Tube or do you want ManyVids traditional style of free videos. You can learn more about the difference in this handy installment of the MV Blog. A free clip here and there is a great way to drive traffic, but I imagine you’re looking to make real money, in which case you’ll want to charge for the majority of your clips. Pricing is a very personal decision and frankly could be a whole article itself, but generally you want to price somewhere in the ballpark of $1-2/min give or take. Over time you’ll see what works for you and what doesn’t. Don’t EVER let a customer or a “fan” try to tell you how to price your clips. They might claim they’re trying to be helpful, but really it’s just manipulative. They’re being selfish, not helpful. They can go fuck themselves. The discount option is a great tool that makes it super easy to put your clips on sale. You can also manage discounts for multiple clips at once by going to your icon in the top and following the dropdown menu to Marketing Tools > Discount Manager.

The final steps of uploading your clips to ManyVidsFinal Steps

If your clip has been uploaded to ManyVids and nowhere else, slap an exclusive logo on it. Select an intensity for your clip if you want. I honestly have no idea how much this affects the decisions of buyers, but I usually use the tool since it’s there. Why not? If you have membership set up, decide whether or not you want to put the clip in your membership, or you can make it membership ONLY and only people who pay for your membership subscription get to see it (not to be confused with MV Crush). Next, decide if you want to launch the clip right away or schedule it to go live later. I like to record a bunch of clips at once, edit them in clusters, and schedule them for staggered releases later so I can keep releasing clips while working on other projects or taking some “me” time. Next, make sure you’ve linked your Twitter account and then check the box to post the clip to Twitter. I guess you can choose not to do that last part, but why wouldn’t you want ManyVids to auto-tweet the release of your clip and let all of your followers know it’s for sale? Do you hate money? Then all you have to do is click save and move on with your life. Or, ya know, plan out a social media campaign for the clip and set scheduled tweets to remind customers to buy it and blog about your new clip and tell a few regulars who you think will buy the clip all about it and how much they’re going to love it and then start raking in the dough from your clip sales and feel inspired to write an MV Blog submission of your own.

Become a ManyVids revshare partnet

MV RevShare

This doesn’t really have anything to do with uploading a video to ManyVids, but since I pimped my own revshare link earlier in the article (and again just now), I figured I should also link to info about the MV revshare program and how you can use it to make money too! Happy hustling!

Manyvids revshare program

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