I Love Ripping You Off

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Finacial Domination, Ripoff Fetish, and Money Destruction

I love ripping you off and it’s just so easy. For most of My ripoff clips, the content is a mystery until you buy it, but not this one! No, this time I’m going to tell you in advance exactly what you’re going to get, and then you’re going to buy it anyways because you’re a dumb fuck and a sucker for Findom and Ripoff clips. In the beginning of this clip, I look amazing (duh) while humiliating you for being a stupid loser who gets off on being ripped off by Me, an then I count My money and explain to you how most of this clip is just filler footage from other clips Ripping you off is easy.

Ripping you off is fun. Ripping you off turns Me on, and you LOOOOVE getting ripped off by Me. Oh, and before the filler footage starts, I light a $100 dollar bill on fire because your money is as insignificant as you are and I think it’s funny to remind you than I make more money than you do. Also, money destruction is hot. Congrats on being such an easy fucking mark.

Ripoff Clip / Ripped Off / Money Fetish / Findom / Financial Domination / Findomme / Goddess / Fetish / Femdom / Bra / Teasing / Tease and Denial / Money Destruction / Bratty Findom / Brat / Princess / Greedy / Money Destruction / Match Lighting / ASMR / BBW Findom / BBW Femdom / Curvy / Thick

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