Sniff and Drift


You like being My good puppet, don’t you? I want you to sniff these poppers for Me and feel your mind get all drifty and floaty for Me. I love watching you get all dreamy eyed as you sniff My poppers, feet, and pantyhose, and sniff My ass like a good puppet. Stroke, Sniff, and Drift for Me!

This erotic hypnodomme clip includes; sniffing/smell fetish, inhalents/poppers, forced intox with poppers, pantyhose worship and domination, shiny fetish, high heels, lipstick, mesmerize, mindfuck, brainwashing, jerk off instructions (joi), tit worship, ass worship, body worship, goddess worship, sensual domination, sparkly heels, and nude control top pantyhose with a reinforced toe.


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