Almighty Creator of Incels: Eating Your Cum Will Turn You Forever Flaccid

I turn men like you into incels. If you don’t already know, an “incel” is an involutary celebate, meaning you never get laid! Some men get so obsessed with Me they forget to hit on women, other men get so addicted to Me and My clips that they can’t get hard for anyone else, and still others are simply too in love with me to dream of being with anyone other than Me and because I’ll never hook up with them, they never get laid at all! One way or another, for one reason or another, you aren’t getting laid anymore and it’s all because of Me!

Your dumb cock isn’t penetrating anyone anymore. Your cock won’t get hard for anyone but Me anymore and I’d never ever fuck you in a million years! You really think I’d ever fuck you? Ew, gross! I just tease boys like you. Now, whip your dick out for Me puppet. I want to see you stroke that cock for Me one last time! You’re going to stroke that pathetic cock for Me one last time and after your cum, you’re going to eat that cum and after you eat that cum, you’ll be forever flaccid! Welcome to your last erection, loser!

This sensual clip includes; jerk off instructions, cum eating instructions, tease and denial, tit worship, LOTS of dirt talk and verbal humiliation, bare breasts, and other assorted mindfuckery techniques to turn you flaccid forever!


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