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Novemgoddess joules first instagram postber 16th, 2018 I posted the first picture to my brand-new Instagram. In the past I’ve dragged my feet about starting a Domme Instagram because Instagram has been widely known for shutting down Domme accounts but as shadowbanning on Twitter gets more creative and aggressive I’m trying to branch out to as many platforms as possible. o

18-12-03-16-55-55-625_deco.jpgAlso, I really want to start attracting more sock fetishists to feed my growing sock addiction and figured it would be easy enough to show off my socks while living up to Instagram’s puritanical moral standards.

I’m still experimenting a bit with exactly what I want my Instagram to look like and what kind of content I want to post, so go follow my Instagram and make sure to leave lots of likes and comments on the types of pictures you’d like to see me post more of!18-12-03-16-55-10-923_deco.jpg

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