Pimping Your Affiliate and Referral Links

What are affiliate links and why should you give a f$@%?

Have you noticed links that say things like “affiliate” or “referral” or “revshare” on your favorite clip, phone sex, or streaming site? Did you just ignore it because it wasn’t something you were looking for and you were too busy trying to make money in your hustle? Did you know you could use those links to earn money? And not just any money, but that sweet, sweet PASSIVE INCOME!

Passive income should be one of the main goals in your hustle. Earning money in your sleep is the BEST! It’s ranks right up there with making money by making fun of dumb boys and making money while pooping! Who doesn’t want to accumulate wealth with minimal effort?

Let’s talk about a few different affiliate/referral programs on some of my favorite sites and how you can start promoting yours!

revshare_promo1.jpgYou’ve probably already noticed me adding my referral links to articles like the one on Femdom clips on ManyVids and the instructional guide to uploading clips to Manyvids. Do you already have a blog where you talk about the sites you work on? Start sprinkling in your own referral links. One of the goals I had when I decided to make this site was to write genuinely helpful and insightful articles (and that part is key if you want anyone to read them) that I could use to pimp my referral links. Why should anyone want to push their referral links?

ManyVids RevShare

If you get someone so sign up using your MV RevShare Start earning more money today with ManyVids RevShare!link you’ll get 5% of what they earn on vid sales, memberships, services, custom clip sales, tips, and more! Provided they meet the ManyVids minimum requirements. Before you can start making your commission, they need to first upload:

  • 7 videos
  • 5 store items
  • 15 pics
  • Fill out their ‘About’ section
  • Link social media accounts

Become a ManyVids revshare partnetDoing all this will also earn them some serious points on their MV Score (which, as I’ve mentioned before, is crucial for maximizing your earning potential on MV), so when someone signs up with your referral link, follow-up with them and encourage them to work towards getting those pics, vids, etc all in order so you BOTH can start earning money right away! And don’t worry, that 5% isn’t coming out of their earnings, they still earn the same 60% you do, your 5% is coming out of ManyVids cut! So if you haven’t signed up for ManyVids yet, why not use a friend’s (or my) RevShare link?

Where to Share?

Now, you might be wondering where and how you can share this link in a way that is helpful and doesn’t seem pushy or intrusive. You certainly want to place the link somewhere where people who are likely to use it will find it, so places other people in the industry, or who are looking to get into the industry will have their eyes. Luckily we have a tendency to follow each other so put it the same places you are already advertising! One great idea that I haven’t used yet but sure as fuck am planning to, is to start pushing it on my Tumblr. If you live under a rock and didn’t hear already, Tumblr just banned porn, so if you have a Tumblr you were using to show preview pics and gifs, your choices are between deleting and finding a new use for your old Tumblr.

Frankly, I don’t see the point in losing all those old followers you worked so hard to gain, so just come up with something else to use your Tumblr for. Talk about the industry. You have unique experiences and insights that no one else has to offer, so show them off! And while you’re on the subject, mention ManyVids, its features, what you like about the site, and slip in your revshare link. Don’t forget to sprinkle in some of the banners ManyVids conveniently provides!

Niteflirt Affiliate Program

With the Niteflirt affiliate program, every time a new customer signs up with your Niteflirt Affiliate Programaffiliate program link (which can be found by clicking on the “Affiliate” icon on your account page) and makes their first purchase ($50 or more which must happen in their first 90 days), Niteflirt pays you $50!

It’s so easy and they even provide you with banners and buttons you can place all around your sites. Throw them up wherever you can place an html button. They provide you with NUMEROUS button options; buttons for each of your listings, buttons that go to your profile, even affiliate buttons for each of your goody bags. So pimp out those affiliate links anywhere you’re advertising for your Niteflirt goods and services.

If you’re reading this on your computer, you may have noticed a Niteflirt call button to the side of this page. That’s an affiliate button! Spread them far and wide!

Niteflirt Clips.jpg


ModelCentro’s is probably the easiest and simplest of the programs in this article. Get a modelcentrol.jpgmodel to sign up for their site with your referral link, get 10% of MC’s share of their profits forever (or until they delete their store). I feel like people generally only want to do one membership site, so it isn’t worth advertising as many places or as often, but if you hear a friend is looking to start a membership site and is looking for suggestions, tell them what you like about ModelCentro and ask them to sign up with your link. Easy!

And hey, if you are looking to start a membership site where people can get all of your clips in one place, sign up for Model Centro with my referral link, please!


Frankly there are just too damn many of these programs for me to write about all of them in this article. Luckily, WebCam Startup already has a ton of information compiled on a cubic assload of similar programs, with articles on a ton of them, more articles on the way, and even some handy tables to find info quickly.

I’d love to know what you would like me to write about next, so leave a comment below letting me know what you’re eager to learn about!


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