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Welcome to your new life as My hypnodrone. My eyes will transform you as My voice guides you deeper than you ever imagined possible. I am going to guide you down into a deep hypnotic trance. Deeper than you’ve ever gone before. Reprogramming the furthest reaches of your subconscious mind and in this mesmerizing state your mind can take on board all that is necessary to help you to see things from a new perspective. To allow your change to occur.

This sensual hypnodomme clip includes a covert induction, visualization deepener, the telling of an erotic fairytale, body worship, goddess worship, eye fixation, bare femdom breasts, tit worship, mesmerization, brainwashing, mindfuckery, binaural beats, track layering, ASMR whispers, natural breasts, ass worship, goddess worship, and other sensual mindfuck techniques to brainwash you into My perfect slave. My hypnodrone.

My eyes transform you. My voice guides you.

Hypnosdrone preview.gif

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