My Wishlist

Have you purchased My Christmas present yet? What are you waiting for?!

The first person to purchase the Canon EOS M50 for Me will get a free lifetime subscription to My membership site as a reward. I’m always looking to improve the quality of My videos and I this camera is exactly what I need to bring My videos to a whole new level of excellence. No other gift will get you a reward and purchasing from my wishlist is not payment for anything, don’t ask.

There are plenty of other gifts you can buy Me from My wishlist. Much of My wishlist is video making supplies like smart bulbs, backdrops, and a huge external hard drive, but I also have a wide variety of other gifts you can send to me. From clothing and lingerie to makeup to books and in every price range, so there’s no excuse not to spoil Me!

If you’re having trouble ordering it from My wishlist (meaning you don’t have prime or the item is no longer prime eligible), feel free to send an Amazon gift card to and tell me which item it’s for. Be sure to include the cost of shipping.

What are you waiting for? GO SPOIL ME!


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