My First Hypnosis Video

Did you know that My very first hypnosis video ever is still available to watch on My YouTube channel? It was uploaded exactly 5 years ago today.  I orginally put it on YouTube to try to attract customers for My Niteflirt account, and I’m sure in some small way it still functions for attract new customers, but now it stays there as a time capsule.

In the past 5 years I’ve come so far, both in My hypnosis technique and My video making abilities. I can’t bring Myself to watch this old video. Maybe someday I’ll make a cringe video of Me watching it but for now I look at the thumbnail and cringe at the lighting. I don’t even want to hear how bad My technique is in the video. Not to mention I remember quite clearly that I recorded the video reading off a script because I was not yet comfortable enough in My abilities to come up with a whole hypnosis session off the top of My head.

Click here to watch ‘Hypnosis Induction 1’ for yourself.

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