Myster Box Giveaway!

In honor of the holiday season, I want to spread some yuletide cheer by doing a mystery box giveaway. But I want the mystery box to be special and filled with fun stuff that no one will appreciate quite as much as a fellow adult content creator would, so I’m making the giveaway specifically for adult content creators!

In order to enter, head over to my twitter account and retweet the pinned post, then on new years I’ll announce a winner and send you your mystery box filled with fun stuff fellow smut-slingers will love!

The full rules are laid out in this helpful YouTube video over on my channel (which you should totally subscribe to), but if you prefer reading to watching me speak for some reason, here’s a rundown of the rules to enter:

  • Be 18+ and selling content of some kind or other on an adult website that made you fill out tax forms so I don’t have to check your ID
  • Be following my twitter and retweet my pinned tweet between now and new years
  • Have an address where you can receive mail that you’re willing to give to me so I can send you the prize (PO Boxes are fine)
  • Be willing to make an unboxing video (less of a rule and more of a request, I can’t exactly make you do anything once you get the prize but it would be super cool of you if you did)


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