Mind-Body Connection

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The mind and body are DEEPLY connected. Where the mind goes, the body follows. When the body relaxes, the mind can share in these warm, peaceful feelings of comfort and bliss. Follow My voice and we go deeper and deeper into the Mind-Body Connection and learn a very special new mantra.

This sensual brainwashing hypnodomme clip includes: mesmerization, mindfuk, goddess worship, body worship, meditation, goddess mantra, hypnosis, leg worship, body oil, tit worship, breast worship, tease and denial, and spirals. Enjoyed being brainwashed!

Mesmerize / Mindfuck / Brainwash / Goddess Worship / Body Worship / Meditation / Goddess Mantra / Hypnosis / Leg Worship / Body Oil / Tit Worship / Breast Worship / Tease & Denial / Spiral

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