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There’s been a bit of drama today on Twitter over Shane Dawson’s new teaser trailer and it’s use of a segment of video by Raquel Roper in which her face appears to have been swapped with Selena Gomez (ie a deepfake).

There seems to be confusion about how copyright law works, specifically as it pertains to fair use and whether or not Shane Dawson’s use of Raquel Roper’s work is theft or covered by fair use laws.

Hopefully this video can clear some things up and start a civil dialogue about how creators can do better in the future. Make sure you watch all the way to the end of the video for the side-by-side comparison of Shane Dawson’s video and Raquel Roper.

View the video here

Raquel Roper’s Instagram –

Shane Dawson’s New Teaser –

Shane’s Channel –

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