A Magical Bath for Love, Beauty, and Prosperity

Using magick to overcome burnout and manifest My desires

I hit burnout recently. It came on really suddenly and unexpectedly in sharp contrast to other times I’ve felt burnt out in the past. Usually, it’s come on slowly and built up over a matter of weeks or months. It was really strange and there was a little voice in the back of my mind wondering if it was possible that it felt different this time because it wasn’t really burnout at all. What if someone put a curse on me?

When I felt the sharp and sudden sting of burnout, I immediately took action to do what seemed best to get my mental health in order. I meditated, I reached out to old friends to for support, I deep cleaned my house, I exercised, I booked a flight to New Mexico (which I think I keep accidentally referring to as Arizona, but really what’s the difference?), and I started to focus more on my spirituality. I feel as though I’ve been neglecting my spiritual side the past year or so. Maybe that’s why this negative energy was able to creep in?

Today I smudged my whole house with sage and palo santo and tonight I decided to make a magical bath for myself. I wanted to share with you what I used for my magical bath in case anyone else finds it helpful. I’m a firm believer that everyone should adapt spells to something that suits you best, so don’t get hung up if you don’t have one specific item or ingredient.

The bath ritual consisted of 4 major components I prepared in advance. I’m going to break down each component one at a time. This bath was really 4 spells combined into one ritual.

  • A salt mixture
  • A rosewater potion
  • A Sigil
  • Smudges

The Salt MixtureSo many different salts combined to make this bath amazing

The salt mixture was the first thing I prepared today when I started planning for this bath. Since I thought I might be cursed, I wanted to incorporate salt for protection and I wanted to add a few things to this salt mixture that would be good for my skin and make for an enjoyable bath. I used roughly two cups of coarse kosher salt, some sea salt, a couple tablespoons of pink Himalayan salt, roughly a teaspoon of baking soda, some green tea for antioxidants (I just cut open a teabag and dumped in the tea), a couple drops for peppermint oil (for cleansing and because I love the smell), and some epsom salt. I could have just used regular table salt, but I’m extra so my baths are too.

The Rosewater Potion

I really wish I’d had this idea a few nights ago so I could have left this out overnight under the full moon and I did make extra of this and have it outside right now to charge in the moonlight and repeat a simplified version of this bath another night.

The rosewater potion was made using the petals of a pink rose, the petals of a red rose, distilled water, and pink Himalayan salt. The rosewater is designed to attract beauty and love (if you couldn’t tell from the color scheme). In a big pot I mixed together on the ingredients and placed it on the stove on a high heat. Once you put the water on the stove, stir constantly while looking at the pot. Do not look away until you are finished.Taking a bath with rosewater and himilayan salt

As you stir, speak what you want to attract as if you already possess it and express gratitude. When you talk about things you want in the future, you keep it at a distance. If you want something to occur, you must speak as if it already has. So, something you might choose to say while stirring your pot could be “I am beautiful, I am confident, I attract love. I am so grateful for all the beauty and love the universe brings into my life.” You’re going to be stirring for a while, so expand on it.

You don’t have to repeat the same thing over and over again unless you want to be as broad or specific as you want to be. You can thank your deity of choice or the universe in general. This is your spell, have fun with it and make it unique to you. Continue to stir until either the petals have wilted or the water comes to a roaring boil, whichever happens first.

The Sigil

I have a stack of fake $100 bills I often use when performing prosperity manifestation Fake money, real sigilsspells and today I created 3 unique sigils and wrote them on one of these fake bills. If you don’t know what a sigil is, a sigil is just a magical symbol. There are many different ways to make and use sigils. Perhaps if my readers like this article, I’ll write another one on making sigils in the future. I won’t tell you what the sigils were as I think there is power in mystery.

The Smudges

Sage and Palo Santo smudge sticks for cleansingSmudges, if you don’t know, are usually herbs or resins burned to cleanse negative energy. White sage tends to be the most common. I also really enjoy using palo santo for cleansing and personally prefer it’s lighty woody scent over sage’s STRONG earthy, herbal aroma.

The Ritual

I gathered all of my ingredients along the edge of the bathtub as well as a few candles and began filling the bath. While the bath was filling, I went to my bedroom and pleasured myself. At the point of climax, I looked at the sigil to activate it (this is a fairly common and effective practice for activating sigils).

Once the bath was sufficiently filled, I climbed into the bathtub and began lighting the candles while praying and expressing gratitude. I used the candles to light the sage and palo santo while continuing to pray.

Next, I slowly poured the salt into the bath, stating my intention to protect and purify myself and my home, repeating my intention as the salt dissolved into the water. I continued to stir the salt into the water with my hands, continuing my words of self-protection.

I’m not going to tell you what to say because I personally feel spells are most powerful in your own words. If you want to put some “so mote it be”s in there, go for it. If you want to use slang, go for it. The only thing I will say (again) is to put it in present-tense and express gratitude like “I am so grateful to the universe for protecting me, my home, and my loved ones.” Thank the ascended masters, your guardian angels, Venus, Satan, the universe, or whomever or whatever you think is the origin of your magical power, just be grateful. I can’t emphasize enough just how important gratitude is, not just in your spiritual practice, but also for your mental health.

After I felt sufficiently protected (and you should be starting to feel something) I moved on to the rosewater, slowly pouring it in asking the universe to emphasize my beauty and attract love. If there’s something you want changed about your appearance, state it as though it already is the way you want it and try to emphasize the healthy aspects of it. If you want to weigh less, you might say “I so grateful for my healthy, slender physique.” I also recommend emphasizing things about yourself that you already do like, so if you already have beautiful pouty lips, remember to thank the universe for them.

Go back and forth between the things you like about yourself and the things you want changed, speaking them to the universe as though they are both equally true while gazing into the water and stirring it with your hands. Submerge your whole body and head underwater.

Next, I dried my hands on a towel near the tub and picked up the sigil. I held it over a the flame of a candle to release its power into the universe and once it was reduced to nothing but ashes, I put the ashes into my bath water and submerged my whole self, head and all, under the water for a few seconds.

Then I prayed again and relaxed in the water until I felt I had sufficiently absorbed everything I needed. As the tub was draining I stood up and rinsed off with the shower head. I didn’t want to wash off everything completely so I didn’t use soap for this, only water. This is really a personal preference. I had also put some Dr. Bronners in the water while the tub was filling so it was a part of the ritual itself, but honestly I’m not sure if it would make a difference if I had chosen to wash off with soap and water. Do whatever feels right for you.

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