The Hypnodomme’s Valentine – Hypnosis, Tit Worship, Brainwash, Mindfuck

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Are you ready to be mesmerized and become My Valentine? Go deep for Me and feel the warmth of my voice as it surrounds you; caressing and enveloping as you drift, float, glide and fall deeper and deeper for Me. Mesmerized by My lips, Hypnotized by My eyes. Feel your mind weaken for your divine. I’m going to take you on a journey and expand your mind as I mould you into My perfect puppet. My sweet Valentine. Worship and Obey.

This hypnotic audio-visual spectacle includes layered tracks with subliminal messages, eye fixation, tit worship, mouth worship, goddess worship, binaural beats, sensual brainwashing and reprogramming and many other stealth means of mindfuckery to create My perfect slaves. Happy Valentine’s Day.

I’ve been working on this clip for nearly two weeks now and have probably put in at least 60+ hour of editing to create this uniquely powerful audio-visual experience. I look forward to seeing just how powerfully it affects all of My puppets.

The Supreme Hypnodomme Goddess Joules Opia invites you to be Her Valentine
Happy Valentine’s Day, puppets

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