Digital Sex Magick Ritual

This video is Me casting a spell. What you will witness is a magick ritual. Yes, I’m going to masturbate. Yes, you’ll get to watch Me cum. And at the moment I climax, you will feel a change inside you as you will be bound to Me forever. Look into the flame and see the truth – you were always destined to belong to Me. The universe has summoned you to Me, brought you to this clip, and now it’s time for you to bare witness to true magick.

This clip includes solo female masturbation, a sex magick occult ritual, brainwashing mindfuckery, subliminal messages, bare tit breast worship, goddess worship, and many female orgasms. Are you ready to be spellbound?

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This video was inspired by some research I’ve been doing lately into hypersigils. For those who don’t know, a sigil is a magical symbol and considered to be a form of chaos magic. A hypersigil, as coined by Grant Morrison, isĀ  and “extended work of art with magical meaning and willpower, created using adapted processes of sigilization.”

I want to start experimenting more with hypersigils in my work in the future and may start incorporating them into slave tasks as well.

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