Valentine’s Day Tasks and Updates

♥Just a short audio file (I’m including both MP3 and WAV versions in this goody bag) with a couple fun tasks for good puppets including a creative writing assignment. I can’t wait to see what beautiful creations My puppets make for Me.

The creative writing assignment is designed to be an exploration into the hypersigils I spoke about in the entry on My clip Digital Sex Magick Ritual. I love exploring the cross section of artistic expression and spirituality/magick. If I like your story, with your consent, I may just post it on My website!

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♥I plan to have My Niteflirt lines on most of today for all My lonely losers, hypnodomme addicts, and precious puppets.

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♥Also, I did a live interview over Twitch with DobbyCryptids. The focus was ASMR, but we talked about a whole lot of other stuff as well. You can rewatch the stream from last night on her Twitch channel.

Happy Valentine’s Day My darlings!

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