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Before settling on ASMR as the topic for My Fetish Friday blog interview, I had discussed doing a religious fetish interview with the MV blog editor. It got as far and me doing the interview then having the message where I submitted it not responded to for a month and a half. Not even an acknowledgement that they received the interview. When he finally responded he let me know that “actually I’m really sorry but it does look like another fetish would be better as I’m told they try to stay away from religion in all it’s form on the blog, I know you spent time on your interview but can we do another one with a different fetish? We’d love to have you on the blog.” which is when I suggested ASMR for the second time. I initially threw out several fetish topics and it was the editor who wanted me to do religious fetish in the first place. Anyway, here’s the unpublished ManyVids interview on religious fetish.

What exactly is a religious fetish?

Religious fetish is a bit of an umbrella term for a variety of different fetishes and kinks related to religious play and blasphemy. Sometimes it’s the fantasy of a corrupt priest or a naughty nun, sometimes it’s the literal religious worship of a femdom goddess, sometimes it’s worshipping Satan or the idea of summoning demons. Religion is as old as mankind itself and if it exists, someone is going to have a fetish for it.

How did you discover this fetish? How did you begin practicing it?

From a young age I was fascinated by different world religions and the occult. My parents weren’t very religious so everything I learned about religions I learned on my own from reading books and surfing the internet. I loved reading about paganism and Wicca, the hierarchy of angels and demon, as well as Satanism (both the Crowley and LaVey variety). When I got older and started exploring female domination, it just made sense to incorporate these interests into my play. I think one of the most fun aspects of BDSM is taking vanilla interests and passions and finding a way to bring them into scenes.

What are some precautions that people should have for this fetish?

Don’t fuck with Ouija boards. Follow safe, sane, consensual (SSC) and risk-aware consensual kink (RACK) practices. Don’t do anything you aren’t comfortable with.

Why do you think people are into this fetish?

I think there’s something titillatingly taboo about taking something sacred and corrupting it into something dirty. So many religions expect followers to adhere to strict moral codes, especially in regards to sexuality. It’s liberating to shed the shackles of pious puritanical ideals and just be free to be naughty!

What makes for a hot, high quality, and all around excellent religious fetish vid?

That’s such a tough question, not because it’s hard to make a hot, high quality religious fetish vid, but because there are so many great approaches. I guess the 2 main pieces of advice I can give are to have fun and be creative.

Start with a religious concept and then do all the fun things religious figureheads would frown upon. Worship a false prophet, sell your soul to Satan, induct your viewer into a cult devoted to you, piss on a bible, take the lord’s name in vane. BE SINFUL! And find a way to make your clip visually striking. The great thing about religions is that they all have unique aesthetics already associated with them. Find a way to incorporate them! All those symbols and architecture and the outfits! Have fun, play dress up, create a unique backdrop.

Say something to your fans!

I’ll see you in hell, puppets xoxo

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