From Boyfriend to ATM Cuckold Hypnoslave

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I’ve been watching these videos online about how to mesmerize people and I think it would be really fun if you let me try them out on you. What do you say? All you have to do is look into my eyes and allow yourself to relax completely in response to my words. Good, just like that. Go deeper and deeper for me.

From now on you’re going to be my mindless wallet. I don’t want to have sex with you anymore, I want to start having sex with hot alpha men and I want you to pay for our dinners and drinks. I would have broken up with you already if it weren’t for all the money you spend on me. I want you to keep spending that money on me, but instead of having sex with me, your going to suck the cocks of the men I bring over. Good. Just like that. Relax deeper and deeper for me cuck!

This erotic mesmerizing hypnosis clip includes an eye fixation induction, relaxation deepener, teasing, cuckold fantasy, hypnotism, brainwashing, mindfuck, findom, wallet rinse, dirty talk, hypnodomme, and financial domination with a girlfriend experience twist.
transformed from my boyfriend to a human atm cuckold slave through hypnosis

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