Love Addicted Stroking Slave Hypnodomme JOI

Love Addicted Stroking Slave Hypnodomme Hypnosis PREVIEW.gif

I love turning weak-willed men like you into My love addicted stroking slaves. It’s just so easy an OH so much FUN to have you stare into My eyes as the whole world drifts away. Sinking you deeper and deeper into a deep hypnotic trance.

Deeply mesmerize by your almighty hypnodomme and it feels SO GOOD when you go SO deep, doesn’t it My pet? And the deeper you go the better it feels. The better it feels the deeper you go. Drifting, floating, gliding, and falling into such a BLISSFUL deep hypnotic sleep. Deeper and deeper.

This mesmerizing brainwashing hypnodomme joi clip includes; a countdown induction, eye fixation, snapping finger snaps, mesmerization and mindfuck, goddess worship, love addiction, dark lipstick, mouth fetish, tongue licking, dark hair, body worship, bare tits, asmr, binaural beats, subliminal messages, bare boobs, bare breasts, femdom, tit worship, jerk off instructions, and a cum countdown. Enjoy!

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