Announcing the Launch of My Patreon

If you’re not aware, in my spare time I like to create ASMR and assorted other videos for my YouTube channel. It’s been a great way for me to make use of my video making skills in a a way that is relaxing and fun for me. I’d like to try to make more of these free ASMR videos for My YouTube channel but it’s very hard to make time for it which is why I have decided to launch a Patreon.

My Patreon currently has 3 tiers with varying benefits to each.

The $5/meth tier: Your support goes a long way towards helping me make ASMR videos for YouTube every week. At the time I’m writing this I don’t have any Patreon exclusives *yet* but in the future I hope to start making monthly Patreon exclusive videos based on what my patrons would like to see me create. For your $5 monthly pledge, your name will be added to the end of my videos. There may be some delay between when you pledge and when your name is added because I film/edit/schedule videos in advance.

The $25/month tier: For your $25 monthly pledge you’ll get everything the folks in the $5 tier get as well as receiving a personal video of me whispering your name and my eternal gratitude for your support in making my YouTube channel possible.

The $50/month tier: For your monthly pledge of $50 to help keep my YouTube channel strong you’ll receive all of the benefits of the lower tiers and I’ll whisper your name out loud at the end of every videos on my channel! I also hope to create some special videos for just my magical unicorn puppets. Some VERY special videos 😉

Visit and sign up for my Patreon today.

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