Pumping Up and Dumbing Down (reboot)

A good puppet is a healthy puppet. I want you strong, I want you healthy, I want you buff, and I want you nice and weak minded for Me. I’m going to pump-up your body. I’m going to get you nice and fit. And I’m going to dumb you down so I can manipulate you all the more easily. I want you healthy, handsome, fit, and dumb as a box of rocks. Stand up, get your body moving and I’m going to count down from 20 to 1 as you fall deeply into trance for Me. Strong Body. Weak Mind. Pump Up. Dumb Down,

This mind-bending mesmerize clip includes; mindfuck, brainwashing, multiple slave mantras, fitness, exercise, sportsbra, spandex yoga pants, repetition, stuipification, track layering, echos, blue lipstick, and much more! Prepare for complete control, mind and body!

Pumping up your body and dumbing down your mind for the amusement of hypnodomme Goddess Joules

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