Homewrecker Magnetism – Hypnodomme Findom Mindfuck Hypnosis

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Leave your wife. She’s not as fun as Me. She’s not as pretty as Me. She’s not as kinky as Me. She’s not as interesting as Me. Let’s face it, she’s a nagging bitch and I’m a GODDESS. Break up with your wife so you can devote your whole life to Me.

Every day you grow further from her. Every day you grow closer to Me. Every day I grow harder and harder to resist. You love how greedy I am, how sexy I am, how confident I am, how sensual I am. Break up with your wife, I’m bored. You know I’m everything she’s not. I’m hypnotic, sexually assertive and beautiful. Go ahead.

Go deep for Me. You love the way I hypnotize you. The deeper you go, the better it feels. The better it feels, the deeper you go.

This erotic hypnodomme homewrecker clip includes; financial domination, mesmerization and hypnotic mindfuck, goddess worship, lipstick worship hair worship, lipstick fetish, femdom, hypnosis, mesmerize, lipgloss fetish, covert induction, wallet draining, finsub slave training, and more!

Homewrecker Magnetism Femdom Hypnosis Hypnodomme PREVIE.gif

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