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Another mind-bending homewrecker mindfuck to mesmerize married puppets

Isn’t it so wonderful just how easily and efforlessly you slip so deeply into trance for Me? How just hearing My voice gives you that floating feeling. Makes you feel so blissful, peaceful, comfortable, and going DEEP for Me. My kisses make you week. My voice takes you deep. I’m going to take you SO DEEP. I’m going to drain your wallet and you’re going to leave your wife to become My slave forever. Leave her and devote your life to your almighty Goddess.

I’m prettier than your wife. I’m nicer than your wife. I’m more fun than your wife. She’s a nag, she’s a pest, and you can’t wait to leave her for Me forever. I’m everything she’s not and SO MUCH MORE! Leave your wife for Me. Go deep for Me puppet. The deeper you go, the better it feels. The better it feels the deeper you go.

This erotic, hypnotic homewrecker mesmerization includes; goddess worship, mindfuck, mesmerize, hypnosis, elements of ASMR including kisses and crackling sounds, jerk off instuctions (joi), and orgasm control, slave training, teasing, tease and denial, financial domination, wallet draining, findom, and more!


IT'S ALL MINE  hypnodomme homewrecker preview.gif

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