Mesmerizing Magick

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Hello weak, human male. I love how weak you are for a strong and POWERFUL woman. Men like you just can’t help yourselves but succumb to My magical, sexual energy. You can’t help yourself, you love My power, you love My energy, and that’s why it’s so eay to turn men like you in to My mindless stroking slaves. The most potent form of magic to use on a male like you is sex magic. Through that vulnerable cock of yours, I take total control of you. You’re going to stroke that cock for Me and with each stroke of that cock you’ll grow weaker and deeper for My hypnotic magic.

This magical female supremacy clip includes female domination, sex magick, witchcraft, magic control, erotic magic, mesmerization, mindfuck, brainwash, hypnosis, velvet, cape, long nails, and more.

mesmerizing magic femdom hypnosis PREVIEW.gif

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