Mindless Goon

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I know your weaknesses and I hold them against you. Weak men like you are so easily controlled by a powerful woman. You know you’ll do anything I want. You’ll do anything I please. You want to please Me. You want to worship Me. You want to adore Me in every way every day. You barely know Me and yet you’re already falling in love with Me.

Is it the way this cape frames my body so perfectly? Is it the sound of My voice or the words that I say? You can’t quite put your finger on what makes Me so powerful and yet, here you are unable to resist. You want Me. You need Me. You can’t help but stroke for Me.

I control your cock. I control your body. I control your mind. You’re already Mine. So stroke for Me weakling. Stroke mindlessly for your powerful Goddess. Resistance is futile. It feels good to give in to sin. It feels good to belong to Me. You’re right where you are meant to be.

Keep stroking. Keep edging. Keep gooning. Forever and ever. My mindless goon. Weaker and DEEPER!

This dream-like erotic fantasy includes jerk off instructions, a mesmerizing mindfuck trance, goddess worship, cape fetish, erotic femdom magic, magic control, satin lingerie, long hair fetish, body worship, hypnodomme hypnosis, femdom hypnosis, tit worship, and more.
Buy from Goddess Joules through Niteflirt.com

Mindless Goon

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