Shining, Shimmering, Splendidly Greedy

I heard a rumor that you like shiny things. Is it true, do you like shiny, shimmery objects? Do they make your head feel funny? Do you like the way My necklace sparkles?

Does it make your head feel all swimmy and take you deep? I like shiny things too; shiny jewelry, shiny cars, shiny outfits, and shiny credit cards too. I like it when weak boys buy Me shiny objects. I love seeing how weak I make them. Do you want to be weak for Me? Do you want to go deep for Me?

This sensually provocative findom clip includes; wallet rinsing, tease and denial, mesmerization, mindfuck, goddess worship, brat, princess, legs, ass worship, tit worship, body worship, knee high socks, financial domination, findomme, femdom, hypnosis, hypnodomme, shiny fetish, pendant induction, and more!

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