Whatever I Want

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Do you like My pretty silk nighty? Are you mesmerized by the way it hugs My ample curves? How about My velvety soft lips? Do you find My eyes entrancing? Look deeply into them and go nice and DEEP for Me.

Drift, float, glide, and fall deeply as I count back from 10 to 1 and with each number you’ll sink deeper and deeper.

I love stupifying men like you. It makes you so much easier to manipulate and you love it. You love everything about Me. I could read you the phone book and you’d get off hearing it in My voice. You love Me. You’ll do anything for Me. You’ll get dumber and dumber buying all my stupification clips, go broke buying all My findom clips, and get even more addicted buying all of My foot fetish clips. You’re whoever I want you to be. You’re whatever I want you to be. My dolly, my mindless robot, my perfect drone. Whatever I want.

This mesmerizing hypnodomme clip includes; femdom hypnosis, brainwashing, mindfuck, mesmerization, body worship, lip worship, eye fixation, goddess worship, silk and satin lingerie fetish, foot fetish, knee high socks, financial domination, findom, foot worship, foot fetish, sensual domination, and more!

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