Bringer of Satan

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There are two versions of this clip available, but you want the director’s cut, trust me.

The original version of ‘Bringer of Satan’ was a custom clip request. The customer specifically asked for little-to-no special effects, specifically no audio effects, as well as specific things for the visuals of the video. 

In the “directors cut” I’ve added in extra footage wearing a cape, playing with fire, and seducing you with My cleavage as well as lots of additional audio effects including added cinematic music and subliminal messages layered in. 

Original clip descriptions:

This was a custom clip I recently created. The customer asked that the following script be read and wanted aesthetics similar to those found in My video “Satanic Panic” but with less effects. “In this arid wilderness of steel and stone I raise up my voice that you may hear. O Pan! Great Pan! Thunder your hooves to join our rite. Let the sabbat now begin. I am the Goatess, the bringer of Satan worshipping doom. I am here to preach the Gospel of the Horned One. Worship the Great He-Goat! Satan worship is self-worship. And there is no greater self-worship than masturbation. Stroke that cock and listen to my words. You are gods. Sons of the Devil. I am the snake that giveth knowledge & delight, and bright glory. And there is no other god than me. As within, so without. Faith in god, you now doubt. As above, so below. Porn enters the eye, your cock starts to grow. The whole of the law, do what thou wilt. Give yourself to Satan, let your seed be spilt. Death to the weakling, wealth to the strong! Break the crucifix. The symbol of death and the sign of christ. Christ was weak. And so are his followers. We have nothing with the outcast and the unfit. Stamp down the wretched & the weak. I make a pact of Red Life Juice with you, the baptism of the walking dead. Your number is 666, the mark of the beast and the number of man. The Sigil of Baphomet shall be placed upon your heart. Guided by the Goat of Mendes, my breasts shall nourish you in sin. I shall lead you to the Night of Pan. We are the vessel whose flesh is as the earth; an everlasting world without end. Shemhamforash!” 

This clip includes seductive teasing, bible burning, brainwashing, hypnosis, mindfuck, mesmerize, satanic blasphemy, satanism, ritual magick, and more.

Bringer of Satan Director's Cut preview.gif

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