Making the Move to AVN Stars

Why I’m Moving to AVN Stars

I’ve used OnlyFans off and on for a couple years now and have had really mixed feelings about it for ages (hence the “off periods”). I loved the *idea* of a subscription site with a social media layout and feel, but OnlyFans had always fallen short of the ideal. So when Stars AVN recently burst into the scene, I was hesitant to jump onboard. I figured it might just end up being another flop that’s all promise and no payoff. But after seeing a couple of my friends make the switch and exploring the site a bit myself, I’m in love and I think you’ll be too. That’s why I wanted to write this article and share all the things I love about Stars AVN with my readers and if you decide to make the switch like me, please consider using my referral link.

Edit: I now have two follow up articles one on Making Money on AVN Stars and one about the AVN Stars Clip Store for anyone interested.

explore page

Explore Page

The first thing that really impressed me about AVN Stars is the explore page. OnlyFans never provided any sort of search option for clients to find new profiles, the providers were expected to bring in 100% of their own traffic. That always felt like a ripoff. To me, part of the reason why sites take a % of my earnings *should be* because they’re helping bring in their own traffic but with OnlyFans that was never the case.
On AVN Stars, providers are given the option to make individual posts as well as stories either private (for subscribers only) or free (public). When you make a post or story free, it’s visible not only to everyone following you but also to everyone who visits the explore page to browse around.
The explore page is also (at least for now) ordered by how recent the post is rather than some of the popularity metrics other sites use to decide who sees what. Those metrics often mean that popular providers get an unfair advantage over newer sex workers who haven’t yet built their audience (not a result which I personally love).

Ease of Upload

One of the main things that’s driven me absolutely bonkers and infuriated me on OnlyFans was chronic issues with uploading. For the last several months I haven’t been able to upload any of my full videos there and often even trying to upload more than one photo at a time has seemed like an impossible task. So far I haven’t had any such issues with AVN (better knock on wood before I jinx this) with the small exception of when uploading pictures to my story but I’ve just been uploading small snapchat-type videos instead and they work fine.
It’s also just SUPER easy to upload to AVN and also seems faster so far than a lot of other sites. I’ve already put up several full-length videos on my AVN and they took less time to upload there than to IWC this week and the streaming quality seems good after which makes me very happy.


It’s SO CUSTOMIZABLE! This might be my very favorite thing about AVN Stars. First of all, the whole thing can be switched from regular to night mode with the easy click of a button and I-for-one find the night mode SO much easier on my eyes when I’m browsing that explore page at 10pm.
There’s custom avatar and banner like you’d see on Twitter but with the added bonus that you can use gifs to really make your profile stand out from the crowd. I’m a huge lover of gifs so as soon as I realized AVN supported them for avatars and banners I was all over it!
Oh, and you can turn your stories into highlights that stay on your profile, just like the highlights on Instagram.

Social Media That Will Never Ban You!

Between the stories, videos, photos, text posts, and private messages this platform has all the makings of a great social media site but with the added bonus of not having to worry about being shadowbanned or worse, outright deleted for being a sex worker.
From my experience so far AVN Stars takes the best parts of social media (ease of use, ability to find new people easily, a chance to describe yourself on your own terms) and cuts out the crap (harassment, unreliability, clunky user experiences, whoreophobia). Need I say more?

Referral Program

Are you a whore for referral links like I am? I personally love when a website offers affiliate and referral programs. With AVN Stars referral link when you sign up a friend to AVN Stars you earn 5% of their earnings (at no cost to them). It’s a great way to earn a little extra passive income on a great platform!

And in case you’re wondering, it’s an 80% payout, which puts it ahead of most other adult platforms. We all know that’s really the most important detail.

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