Your Only December Orgasm

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This month I’m giving you one and ONLY ONE orgasm. To get it, you must buy this clip and follow ALL DIRECTIONS. I’m going to toy with your head, get you all worked up only to fuck with your head or make you stop. This video is filled with curve balls designed to fuck with your head as well as a couple of points where you’re going to have to pause the video and wait to come back. I’m going to make you edge and goon and PAY for your orgasm but it’s the only way you’re allowed to cum so you’re just going to have to deal with it. Oh yeah, and when I finally allow you to cum I’m going to ruin your orgasm. You’re welcome!

keywords; femdom, orgasm control, orgasm denial, ruined orgasm, tease and denial, female domination, cuckold, imposed bi, edging, gooning, forced bi, forced orgasms.

your only december orgasm control denial femdom chastity preview.gif



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