Becoming a Woman – Feminization Hypnosis 1.5 Hour MP3

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Welcome to the hypnodrone reprogramming facility for the feminization of submissive drones. This recording is designed to erase your old life as a male so you can begin your new life as a beautiful woman. To begin, make sure you’re listening through headphones in order to experience the fullest effect of the hypnosis and lie down somewhere comfortable where you can relax completely without interruption for the full duration of the session. You should also keep a pen and paper nearby as you will be instructed to write something down at one point during the session.

When you awaken, you will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are a beautiful woman. You will go about your daily routine instinctively picking out beautiful feminine clothing
Pretty panites, and gorgeous bra.
Go deeper and deeper now.
More feminine
More beautiful
More relax
More peaceful

This MP3 was a custom file. If you’re interested in ordering your own custom audio or video file, DM Me.

This file includes; feminization, mesmerization, mindfuck, hypnosis, hypnodomme, confusion induction, progressive muscle relaxation, binaural beats, transfomation fantasy, gender transformation.



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