Hypnotit Manipulation

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Relax to the soothing sound of my voice. You don’t have anywhere else to be and nothing else to do. In a moment you will experience a DEEP hypnotic trance. My voice will penetrate you and help you reach that place of serene blissful tranquility. Drift, float, glide, and fall DEEPER and DEEPER for My beautiful tits. Deeper into sensuality. Deeper into divine servitude and blissful submission. Where you’re ready and eager to do anything and everything I want. I’m going to drain your mind and wallet as I take you into the deepest depths of deep trance and deep hypnosis.

Deeper than you’ve ever gone before and leave you in a wonderful puddle of erotic pleasure. Hypnotizing you with My voice. Manipulating you with My body. Controlling you with My mind. you’ll do anything for Me and My titnosis.

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Hypnotit Manipulation PREVIEW

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