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“Welcome to the Hypnodrone Programming Institute
In this session, we will be fracturing your mind into a million tiny pieces in order to rid it of all the pieces that are not of service to the Hive and leaving only those pieces of your psyche that make you a perfect mindless hypnodrone. Then we shall fill the empty parts of your mind with further programming to take you even deeper into servitude. I know you are wondering what this all means. The meaning is unimportant. What matters now is the experience.

Just sit back
It’s good to feel so relaxed when you hear my calming voice”

This video is designed to be able to put ANYONE into trance. Whether it’s your first time trying a mesmerization video or you’ve had difficulty going into trance before, this clip will have a POWERFUL effect on you. This video utilizes a fractionation induction and confusion deepener for a DEEP and effective trance.

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Fractionation PREVIEW

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