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Hi there my little locked up cuck. Still snug in your cage I see. That cage is about to feel a whole lot tighter! While you’ve been locked up snug and tight, I’ve been having some fun!

There are two types of men in my life, the men I fuck, and then there are the losers like you who I cuck. I’ve been having so much fun on Tinder during quarantine getting hot photos from all the gym rats with no gym to go to getting bored and showering me with attention and sexy pics.

Enjoy hearing me talk about all the hot guys I’m flirting with and even the one I broke quarantine to get creampied by. Aren’t you so lucky I let you pay to hear all about my sex life? Get your wallet ready because I want tributes too!

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This was a custom clip. If you’re interesed in purchasing your own custom, e-mail me at


Buy from Goddess Joules through

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