Unlocking the Feminine Divine

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This was a custom MP3 designed to unlock your inner femininity. If you’re intersted in purchasing your own custom file, DM me!

Here is a sample from the script:

You find yourself in front of a beautiful fountain 

With the most brilliant blue water glistening in the bright sunlight

In the fountain, women in white gowns dance and play in the water

Enjoying the beautiful warm sunny day


One of the women stops to look at you and then points behind her

You see she’s pointing at this massive, beautiful white temple

The temple has all these beautiful carvings going up columns in the front

Depicting beautiful women working, playing, dancing, eating, and drinking

There’s a magical, indescribable quality to the temple

Something about it beckons you

You need to learn more about it

You need to find out what’s inside


You walk past the fountain where the women dance and play

And make your way to the huge archway at the front of the temple

The doors open as you get close

As if the temple could sense you coming

Inside you see beautiful stained glass windows

And large murals depicting beautiful women dancing and playing instruments

And performing what appear to be religious rites


In the middle of the temple, a group of women have gathered

They’re looking at you

Waiting for you

Whispering for you to come to them

You walk towards them…”

keywords; hypnosis, brainwash, mesmerize, mindfuck, femdom, goddess worship, religious fetish, spiritual femdom, relaxing, feminization, magic gender transformation, tranformation fantasy

Buy from Goddess Joules through Niteflirt.com

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