Updated Wishlists

I spent the last two days meticulously updating and recategorizing My Amazon wishlists and it’s going to be your privilege to purchase form them.

As much as I LOVE big fat juicy tributes, it can be an exciting surprise to receive unexpected gifts from My wishlists. I’ve organized what I want into 13 main categories so My lovely puppets can choose what to buy based on our shared interests. Pick a list, and shop freely My darlings. Spoil your Goddess. My pleasure is your pleasure. My happiness is your happiness. It feels good to give to Goddess.

Findom Goddess Joules' Book Wishlist
Book Wishlist

I love all kinds of books, though science fiction is probably the genre I read most. Can you imagine sending Me a lovely book I can curl up in bed with each night. A novel to whisk Me away to a magical place of wonder and adventure! Or perhaps something more educational? A non fiction book, perhaps one about hypnosis. I am always honing My craft after all. One must never be done learning.

Findom Goddess Joules' Costume Wishlist
Costume Wishlist

I know you go crazy for My Financial Domination clip, and you should know by now how I love roleplay clips with elaborate costumes and props. Here is our chance to help influence what costumes I’ll be seen wearing in My next clips. Wip your wallet out and buy Me something gorgeous to wear while I create magic.

Buy your favorite findom gorgeous new clothing
The Clothes Wishlist

You love My gorgeous body and every piece of clothing I wear upon it. Comfy sweaters, funky socks, gorgeous dressed, and everything in-between can be found on this wishlist. Maybe if you’re a very good puppet and get Me something I really love, I’ll even send you pics of Me wearing it. A diving Financial Dominatrix like Me should never have to buy Her own clothes.

Buy me useful craft supplies
Craft Wishlist

When I’m not crushing men’s balls and draining the wallets of finslaves, I like to work on arts and crafts. Be a good puppet and help fund My crafting addiction.

Buy beautiful things for all alround your favorite findomme's home
Home Wishlist

Since I work from home, it’s extra important that My space be beautiful and comfortable. This wishlist contains items both useful and aesthetically pleasing.

A wishlist full of furniture to decorate your favorite findomme's home
Furniture Wishlist

Want to REALLY impress Me? Buy Me new furniture for around My home! Something to sit on when a slave isn’t handy.

A list of gorgeous, sexy lingerie you can buy for your favorite findomme
Lingerie Wishlist

I don’t think buying from this wishlist will take much convincing? I bet you’re just DYING to buy Me the lingerie I wear in My next sexy Financial Domination or Hypnosis clip, aren’t you puppet? Maybe if you’re very good, I’ll let you choose what genre of clip I wear it in. Imagine Me in each outfit one-by-one and then pick the two you think will look the most beautiful on My curvy body.

Drape your favorite findomme in gorgeous jewelry
Jewelry Wishlist

Shiny, shimmering, mesmerizing jewelry to adorn your One True Goddess. Go ahead and buy Me something pretty. You know you want to!

A wishlist full of office supplies and decorations for your favorite findomme
Office Wishlist

I spend a lot of time editing and uploading in My office. Make yourself useful and pick up some supplies or decorations for My home office.

A wishlist full of studio supplies
Studio Wishlist

I’m sure you’ve seen by now how much goes into My videos. There are always more supplies to buy for My studio so I can make better and better videos and pictures for your viewing pleasure.

A wishlist full of toys for your favorite findomme
Toy Wishlist

Go ahead, fantasize about what I’ll be doing with the gorgeous sex toys you buy off My wishlist.

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