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Have you been wondering when you’d relapse next? Here’s your sign the time is now. RELAPSE!

Time and time again you quit Findom only to come crawling right back. You give and you give and you give, then you feel regret so you stop. You go away for a bit and come right back. The cycle repeating itself over and over again. Trapped in an endless loop. Paying, stopping, relapsing, quitting. Over and over again. Each time you stop you swear it will be for good. But it never is and it never can be.

Findom is a part of who are you. You are a finslave. You can’t escape your nature. You were made to give to women. You were made to serve your superiors. There’s no fighting nature. So relapse again. Relapse for me NOW!

keywords; femdom, findom, findomme, goddess, mesmerize, mindfuck, brainwashing, financial domination, financial ruination, goddess worship, spirals, debt, enslavement, slave training, findomme

Buy from Goddess Joules through Niteflirt.com

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