Pillow Humper

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Hello you weasley greasy little loser. If it wasn’t clear from the title of this clip, I”m going to make you hump your pillow. Pick any pillow you want and you’re going to try your best to hump your pillow to completion. If you find that no matter how hard you hump that pillow you just can’t seem to cum in time, then you get to enjoy blue balls for one hour and after one hour from the end of this video (set a timer) you can try again.

However, if you do manage to cum all over your nasty pillow in the alotted time, you have to lick your cum back off that pillow. Can’t go letting good cum go to waste now can we loser? It’s win-win for Me whether you give yourself blue balls or have to lick up your digusting dick snot, so I’ll leave whether or not you cum up to you this time. Ready for this humliating pillow humping session? I don’t actually care if you’re ready or not, buy this fucking clip now loser! That’s an order!

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Buy from Goddess Joules through Niteflirt.com

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