Uploading Clips to the AVN Stars Clip Store in 3 Easy Steps


A LOT of changes have been made to AVN Stars since I first posted this article about making the move to AVN Stars and this article on how to make money on AVN Stars. If you haven’t made the move yet, please consider signing up with my referral link. But if you have already made the move, or are thinking about making the move, this article is to fill you in on my personal favorite new feature on AVN Stars: the clip store.

AVN Stars Clip Store

The main dropdown menu on avn stars, which is where you can access your clip store
Alternately, you can access the clip store from your profile

This is by FAR my favorite new feature. The clip store is AMAZING and you absolutely need to be utilizing this! Not only can you sell videos to your subscribers, but non subscribers searching the site for specific kinds of content might come across your videos for purchase and buy them, so make sure you’re filling your descriptions with keywords and search terms.

So how do you upload clips to your clip store?

How to upload your video on AVN Stars
Drag and drop or click the upload area

1) Getting Started

First, click the main drop down menu

and go down to ‘clip store.’ Once you’re on your clip store page, there are two ways to upload:

  •  You can drag and drop a video from a folder on your computer to the “Drop video file(s) here” box at the top of your clip section.
  •  The second way is to click on that same section and it will take you to the files on your computer to select one for upload. Uploading has generally been fairly quick for me compared to other sites (WAY faster than OnlyFans ever was for me).
Video is saved as a free draft after upload
Your video will save as a free draft after you’ve uploaded it to AVN Stars

After you’ve uploaded your video to AVN Stars, it will say “Free” in the bottom right corner. I know this concerned me the first time I uploaded a video and thought everyone could see this video for free but don’t worry. It’s NOT VISIBLE yet to anyone but you. You’ll also see, less noticeably, in the top left it says “Draft.”

Now it’s time to edit your clip and prepare it to go live. Just click on the preview image of the clip to get to the editing section.

Click on the more to add description and tags
Click “… more”

2) Editing is easy

Here you’ll get a glimpse of what your video will look like once it’s active on the site. The price, length, resolution, etc displayed at the

very bottom. You also have the option to pin the video to the top of your clip store from this screen.

To add your description, title, tags, etc click on the gray “More” to the right of “Not active” below the video.” This will bring you to a dropdown menu where you can get a link to the video, edit the video, or delete the video. Select “edit video” to continue.

from this drop down menu you can
The “more” dropdown menu is also where you can get a link to the video when you want to advertise it

3) The Final Details

Now you’re finally in the “edit video” window. From here you can add a title to your video, give it a description, choose a cover photo, select up to two categories, price your video, choose whether or not you want it to be free to subscribers or allowed to be downloaded, upload your own custom cover and video preview (both optional) and when you have that all the way you like it, click save. If you’ve clicked the box marked “active,” it will go live in your clip store when you click “save.”

In this window you can add title, description, select up to two catetories, price your video, and more
The final step in uploading your clip to AVN Stars.

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