Tell Your Wife I’m Moving In

Here I am, suitcase in hand, and I’m moving in. Grab your wife, it’s time I explained her new role to her. She wasn’t really cutting it in a typical wifely role. She’s ugly, she’s gross, she’s ungrateful, and quite frankly she’s annoying. We both know she isn’t satisfying you sexually or otherwise so we’re going to religate her to being the maid. She can live in the guest house and come into the main house to do the cooking and cleaning while I take over being the trophy on your arm. I’m going to help select escorts to come over to fuck our brains out on the weekends while we tie your cunt wife up in the corner and make her watch. Then I’ll spend the week shopping and being a sexy piece of eye-candy with a drink in hand for you every night when you come home from work. The future is bright and it starts today! P. S. Thank you so much for the gorgeous Louboutins!

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