If you haven’t heard by now, I’M PREGNANT! I’m currently 26 weeks along, due the end of January 2022.

With this pregnancy and the future birth of my first child I’m going to be making some changes to my online presence. Firstly, I’ll be retiring all adult videos that feature my face. I’ll be retiring them in groups of 10 and before I permanently delete them off of clip sites I’ll be selling them in bundles on Niteflirt. The first 10 videos are now available. 

The following videos are the first to be retired:

Sold separately these videos are worth $399.41 but if you buy them in this bundle you pay only $150.

Going forward I will still be taking Niteflirt calls, I’ll still be creating hypnotic and erotic audio files and setting those audio files to hypnotic visuals, and as of yet I do not plan to retire my YouTube videos though I might be taking my channel in a new direction.

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