Welcome to the Astral Institute

Welcome to The Institute. Please remain perfectly still and listen inattentively, your scan will commense momentarily.

This mesmerizing hypnodomme clip includes; brainwashing, ASMR whispering, Female Domination, love addiction hypnosis, track layering, binaural beats, goddess worship, mesmerization, and much more hypnotic mindfuckery!

Are you ready to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Are you ready to make a supreme sacrifice for your Hypnodomme Goddess? Let My words wash over you as you stare into My divine beauty. Sink deep for My voice, let My words wash over you, absorb the subliminal programming of My words and images. Go deep for Me. you belong to Me. 

Mommy domme abdl diaper fetish femdom taboo

Dommy wants to make sure Her good baby always wears their nappy! Dommy just picked up fresh nappies for you to wear. They’re so pretty! They have bows and flowers and they even smell good! If you’re very good for Dommy, maybe she’ll let you make cummies in your nappy! You want to be good for Dommy, don’t you?