HATE YOUR WIFE – Homewrecker Hypnosis

How's wifey doing? Miserable I hope. I've always hated her. She's just so annoying and naggy. Also, she's frankly gross looking. There's something deeply upsetting about her face and also her voice. It's like nails on a chalk board when she speaks. She's just so unpleasant to be around and I hate her more and... Continue Reading →

No Pussy For Losers

A loser like you doesn't deserve pussy. Weak little beta bitches like you only deserve your hand and a bottle of lotion. Not that you could satisfy a woman anyway, if you could find a woman desperate enough to fuck you. No, it's just you and that right hand stroking your pathetic hand the same... Continue Reading →


Ew! What the fuck do you intend to do with that...thing?! Can you even legally call it a dick when it's that small!? Are you getting aroused by me making fun of your teeny weenie? GROSS! Whatever, I guess I'll let you stroke that pathetic thing. It'll be good for a laugh. But hurry up,... Continue Reading →


Sink deeper and deeper for My voice. Deeper into trance. Deeper into love. Deeper into devotion. Deeper into servitude. Deeper into obedience. you love to give to Goddess. When I *snap* you do what I say when I say and feel bliss doing so. This deeply relaxing hypnosis audio journey includes the implantation of a... Continue Reading →

Reprogrammed for Addiction

Your mind is MINE! I'm taking it over and reprogramming you to be my perfect slave. You will devote your life to me and no one else as I remove all that once bound you to other Hypnotists and Dommes. Are you ready to surrender to my hypnotic voice and give everything to me? keywords;... Continue Reading →

Feminized at The Salon Hypnosis Audio

One day as you're walking down the street, you pass a salon and feel a magnetic pull. You enter the salon and are immediately greeted. You're told they have been expecting you and they sit you down in a salon chair. They perform many services on you, washing and styling your hair, a facial, waxing,... Continue Reading →

Becoming a Woman – Feminization Hypnosis 1.5 Hour MP3

Welcome to the hypnodrone reprogramming facility for the feminization of submissive drones. This recording is designed to erase your old life as a male so you can begin your new life as a beautiful woman. To begin, make sure you’re listening through headphones in order to experience the fullest effect of the hypnosis and lie down somewhere comfortable where you can relax completely without interruption for the full duration of the session. You should also keep a pen and paper nearby as you will be instructed to write something down at one point during the session.

The Voice Looped Inside Your Mind MP3

This extreme brainwashing hypnosis file ties triggers to common smartphone notification sounds. This file includes; hypnotism, mindfuckery, technology-based brainwashing, a covert induction, an IQ-reducing script, elements of financial domination, love addiction, whispering whispers for ASMR tingles, and very slight feminization (kind of).

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