If you haven't heard by now, I'M PREGNANT! I'm currently 26 weeks along, due the end of January 2022. With this pregnancy and the future birth of my first child I'm going to be making some changes to my online presence. Firstly, I'll be retiring all adult videos that feature my face. I'll be retiring... Continue Reading →

Uploading Clips to the AVN Stars Clip Store in 3 Easy Steps

  A LOT of changes have been made to AVN Stars since I first posted this article about making the move to AVN Stars and this article on how to make money on AVN Stars. If you haven't made the move yet, please consider signing up with my referral link. But if you have already... Continue Reading →

Making the Move to AVN Stars

I’ve used OnlyFans off and on for a couple years now and have had really mixed feelings about it for ages (hence the “off periods”). I loved the *idea* of a subscription site with a social media layout and feel, but OnlyFans had always fallen short of the ideal.

Mesmerizing Magick

I love how weak you are for a strong and POWERFUL woman. Men like you just can't help yourselves but succumb to My magical, sexual energy. You can't help yourself, you love My power, you love My energy, and that's why it's so eay to turn men like you in to My mindless stroking slaves.

Slave Tasks 2.0

It's been a while since I made my first Slave Tasks video and I thought it was high time I made an updated version, so here it is. I've sprinkled in some light hypnotic techniques just for fun. Make sure you leave a comment and let Me know what type of tasks you'll be praying... Continue Reading →

Announcing the Launch of My Patreon

If you're not aware, in my spare time I like to create ASMR and assorted other videos for my YouTube channel. It's been a great way for me to make use of my video making skills in a a way that is relaxing and fun for me. I'd like to try to make more of... Continue Reading →

Long Matches – Match Lighting ASMR Now on My Youtube Channel

I'm back with another match lighting ASMR video - this time with EXTRA LONG matches. I think these matches are supposed to be for lighting a fire in fireplaces and other fires where you might not want to get too close or lighting a pilot light where it may be difficult to get close, but I'm just lighting them for fun. I also tap my nails on the box, run my nails along the box, remove the plastic wrap from the box and crinkle it to enjoy those wonderful crinkly tingles, hit the matches together, tap the matches on the box, blow air kisses and explore numerous other triggers in addition to lighting the matches and either blowing them out or putting the flame out directly in a glass of water.

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