I’ve used OnlyFans off and on for a couple years now and have had really mixed feelings about it for ages (hence the “off periods”). I loved the *idea* of a subscription site with a social media layout and feel, but OnlyFans had always fallen short of the ideal.

There’s been a bit of drama today on Twitter over Shane Dawson’s new teaser trailer and it’s use of a segment of video by Raquel Roper in which her face appears to have been swapped with Selena Gomez (ie a deepfake).


In honor of the holiday season, I want to spread some yuletide cheer by doing a mystery box giveaway. But I want the mystery box to be special and filled with fun stuff that no one will appreciate quite as much as a fellow adult content creator would, so I’m making the giveaway specifically for […]

I’ve been having issues lately with my videos being flagged for removal and getting subsequent strikes against my account as a result.

I REALLY don’t want to end up losing my channel the way so many other women with channels similar to mine have been lately, so I am going to be drastically changing the content I put out. Sorry, but I’m not sure what else I can do at this point.