Pink Pilled

Like, welcome to The Institute. Guess we've got our work cut out for us with you, huh? Yeah, you're like, going to need the works. Total mind and body bimbofication. This pill will transform your body from like, whatever that is, into the perfect hot, blonde, big titted bimbo and we're going to deeply brainwash... Continue Reading →

HATE YOUR WIFE – Homewrecker Hypnosis

How's wifey doing? Miserable I hope. I've always hated her. She's just so annoying and naggy. Also, she's frankly gross looking. There's something deeply upsetting about her face and also her voice. It's like nails on a chalk board when she speaks. She's just so unpleasant to be around and I hate her more and... Continue Reading →

No Pussy For Losers

A loser like you doesn't deserve pussy. Weak little beta bitches like you only deserve your hand and a bottle of lotion. Not that you could satisfy a woman anyway, if you could find a woman desperate enough to fuck you. No, it's just you and that right hand stroking your pathetic hand the same... Continue Reading →

Goon Loop

Stroke for Me. Edge for Me. Goon for Me. Over and over and over. Relax for My hypnotic voice and let the power of My words wash away all thoughts. Become My mindless, obedient, gooning slave. Play this audio on a loop over and over and over until your mind turns into a puddle of... Continue Reading →


Ew! What the fuck do you intend to do with that...thing?! Can you even legally call it a dick when it's that small!? Are you getting aroused by me making fun of your teeny weenie? GROSS! Whatever, I guess I'll let you stroke that pathetic thing. It'll be good for a laugh. But hurry up,... Continue Reading →


Sink deeper and deeper for My voice. Deeper into trance. Deeper into love. Deeper into devotion. Deeper into servitude. Deeper into obedience. you love to give to Goddess. When I *snap* you do what I say when I say and feel bliss doing so. This deeply relaxing hypnosis audio journey includes the implantation of a... Continue Reading →

Stroke for Me

Stroke for Me. Stroke exactly as I say. Do what I say when I say because I say. you know you want to. you know you need to. Stroke and stroke and don't you dare cum until I tell you to. A fun, sensual, hypnotic JOI audio file with a cum countdown. keywords; sensual, jerk... Continue Reading →

Reprogrammed for Addiction

Your mind is MINE! I'm taking it over and reprogramming you to be my perfect slave. You will devote your life to me and no one else as I remove all that once bound you to other Hypnotists and Dommes. Are you ready to surrender to my hypnotic voice and give everything to me? keywords;... Continue Reading →

Blowout Bundle #5

10 more videos on their way to being retired forever. Buy them in a bundle or buy them individually before it's too late! These videos are $341 when purchased individually but only $123.45 when purchased as a bundle. BUY THEM NOW! Get the bundle here: Or buy them individually: My Personal Santa Claus My Pussy... Continue Reading →

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